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Poprawia: angielski UK

I am a fast and accurate copy editor. I think my librarianship training helped in this. I am also a prolific reader of "good" literature.

Degree in librarianship 1975. Librarian in Africa and London from 1975. Copy editing, proofreading and indexing from 1992. Writer of book reviews (academic). Journals indexer for film literature in French, Portuguese, Spanish. Copy editor of books on political economy and art which have been published.

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Poprawia: angielski US

I live in a small Texas Hill Country town and am excited by the opportunity to supplement my income doing something I enjoy and am exceptionally skilled at. I'm a traveler and foodie at heart and also adore animals and nature in general. My Texas Master Naturalist status allows me to volunteer for interesting projects such as The Old Tunnel State Park, which is a summer migratory home for the Mexican Free-tail bat.

My years of experience in technical writing and editing of many kinds have honed my perspective of how to approach a document. I understand that written pieces require big-picture and detail-oriented edit passes while considering the purpose of the piece, its budget, its target audience, and cohesion and standardization with accompanying works. Though at times a piece may only need scrupulous proofreading and I can do that as well. I use all the Microsoft Office software, and also WordPress, Moodle, and other text editing software. My BA in Marketing provides me with a unique marketing spin. I have worked at companies such as Microsoft and Hewlett Packard. As far as subject matter, I feel there are few I can't tackle. My editing experience includes online and print-based documentation.

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Poprawia: angielski UK i angielski US

I am an avid reader, endlessly curious about the world around me. I belong to a French group and love to travel in Francophone regions.

I was an instructor in religious studies for eight years at a university. During this time, I was editor of a journal and a newsletter. I also worked as a freelance editor, helping students prepare their theses and dissertations for public defense and academics their papers for publication. I am currently under contract with a publisher of books in religion in Geneva.

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Poprawia: angielski UK

Wordsmith. Walking dictionary and thesaurus. Will never miss an apostrophe incorrectly used. Typo spotting a speciality!

A level English Literature, HNC Business and Personnel, Level 3 Occupational Health and Safety.

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