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I am an avid reader, endlessly curious about the world around me. I belong to a French group and love to travel in Francophone regions.

I was an instructor in religious studies for eight years at a university. During this time, I was editor of a journal and a newsletter. I also worked as a freelance editor, helping students prepare their theses and dissertations for public defense and academics their papers for publication. I am currently under contract with a publisher of books in religion in Geneva.

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Wordsmith. Walking dictionary and thesaurus. Will never miss an apostrophe incorrectly used. Typo spotting a speciality!

A level English Literature, HNC Business and Personnel, Level 3 Occupational Health and Safety.

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Bonnie S.

Poprawia: angielski US

I love to read; I am currently working through "the Classics" on my Kindle, but enjoy other types of fiction, as well as non-fiction. I enjoy sewing, most handicrafts, most aspects of homemaking and parenting, cooking, gardening; love to learn and wish I could have been a perpetual university student as there are so many things I began to study and others I yet want to study. I notice errors on signs, in magazines and newspapers, on food and beverage packages -- just about anywhere I can find words to look at. When I can, I mark it up and send it to the company who produced it. I'm one of those "spelling and grammar police" on blogs and in comments following online articles. And no offense, but I noticed a few typos on your home page. I thought maybe you put them there as a test for applicants.

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, 40 years in administrative positions of increasing responsibility; all involved proofreading my own and others' work on a daily basis. Proofread a 500- or 600-page book on history of Ukrainians in Baltimore, publ. by Ukrainian Education Foundation (approx. 1977). Proofread/edited my business professor's Doctoral dissertation. 3 years freelance proofreader/copywriter in Baltimore, MD. 3 years full-time proofreader, formally trained by a proofreader of 30 years' experience in Sacramento, CA.

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Poprawia: angielski UK i angielski US

Bi-lingual English/Italian; BA English: over 25 years experience in publishing. Now home-based and self-employed.

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