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I write books--largely novels. Editing for myself is an intense process as time consuming and difficult as the creative writing process. While, I have focused on creativity and teaching more than revisionary reading, proofreading and editing, I have found myself to be, as par for the course of becoming a better writer, more and more the editor. The reading of students term papers in my Composition classes were largely editing/revision jobs. Also, the teaching of the act of re-reading helps the teacher become a better editor, and I have about fifteen years of experience with that.

B.A. Princeton University, Comparative Literature, degree 1983, M.A. Georgetown University, American and English Literature, 1992, M.A.T. Georgetown University, Linguistics, 1998. I have only recently started editing. 2014 APA May, June, July. 2010 Edited my priest's PhD. 1980-1983 Edited for the Daily Princetonian.

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I am a versatile writer who has written articles on book collecting, bodywork therapy for UPSCALE magazine and human interest stories for the PROGRESS BULLETIN, a local newspaper, as well as articles for business magazine. I have recently completed a novel entitled: The Lebensborn Experiment. It is a historical fiction novel on how the Nazis kidnapped Polish children to be Germanized and adopted by German parents.

Bachelors Degree, Communications Arts, 1985: California Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA.

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I am a fast and accurate copy editor. I think my librarianship training helped in this. I am also a prolific reader of "good" literature.

Degree in librarianship 1975. Librarian in Africa and London from 1975. Copy editing, proofreading and indexing from 1992. Writer of book reviews (academic). Journals indexer for film literature in French, Portuguese, Spanish. Copy editor of books on political economy and art which have been published.

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